Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What have I been eating lately?

I missed last weeks WIAW after being busy at work. So, this week I am back with a mixture of things eaten over the last couple of weeks :D

Thanks to Jenn for hosting :D

My eating hasn't been the greatest lately, and hopefully over the next few weeks I can eat cleaner and more natural and fresh foods! And I am doing terrible on the GREEN aspect of the month. Maybe next week since it's the last in March.

Here goes.

Blackberry Soya Yoghurt w/ Chopped Nuts and Milk Chocolate Chips.

Wholemeal Bread w/ 2 Boiled Eggs

Loving my PB again! PB on Wholemeal Toast w/ Tea

Oat Pancakes w/ Chopped Nuts, Chocolate Chips + Banana + Crunchy PB

Weetabix w/ S.Skim + Chopped Nuts + Chocolate Chips

Bitesize Shredded Wheat w/ Chocolate Chips + Chopped Nuts

Jacket w/ Light Cheddar, Veg and Ketchup

Two Egg Cheese + Mushroom Omelette w/ 2 Quorn Sausages + Veg w/ Ketchup

With working last week my eating patterns considerably changed, and I got very snacky, but on chocolate and crackers etc not fruit. This is something I am trying to get back to this week and next, but last week completely broke up the pattern I had got myself into, which is really annoying. Can't wait to start eating my fruits, salads and veggies again because I am seriously lacking in energy right now. 
And I have just noticed that most of my eats for the week look very bland. Obviously this isn't the entire picture and there were some unpictured chicken and salad rolls as well as fruit. But looking at it like this definitely puts things in perspective! Anyways onto a new week of photographing my eats, I am going to try and squeeze in those vits and mins through my diet :D

Happy Wednesday :D

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