Friday, 1 March 2013

Weigh-In Update

I made it! In fact I surpassed it. To tell you the truth I thought I had gained. I know I am such a pessimistic person. I am down 1.5lbs. Which means I surpassed February's goal to get past 147 lbs. I am still contemplating my weight loss goal for March as I write this post. And I think I know the barriers that are in my way. It's basically me. I am in my own way as per usual. This is always the way for me. I am either my own best friend or my own worst enemy.

When I get back home there are things I will do differently, like I have mentioned before in recent posts, and I need to remember going home doesn't mean weight gain, bad habits and laziness. I just need to take everyday as it comes and become balanced. It will be the same this summer when I go home, although it feels like ages away, it will come along before we know it. And then it will be Christmas again, though let's not get that ahead of ourselves.

I think I should say a number and do what I can to achieve that number. Think positive, and if I fail then I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now I am going for it!

So, my next mini-goal is obviously to get under 140lbs but if I don't make it this month then that will be ok too, as long as I get close enough to smash it next month. I  want this weight to come off and stay off, after all.

So, I guess I am saying 5.75lbs. Yeah that's how much I want to lose :D There you have it.

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