Sunday, 30 June 2013

Daily #3 (Day in the Life)

Another day where no schedule was in place. It was a good day, but again no photos were taken. I really thought I'd be good at this "Daily Diary" business but lately there isn't a schedule. There isn't any work to be getting on with, which means I make the schedule. The schedule of food, sleep and exercise, plus social time, they are all mine to decide. Which I have always and will always find disorientating. I am probably one of the only people to actually, kind-of-want-to, get a job. I am a big fan of schedules and with a "real" job that is what you get. But this is the last summer and so I should really be just enjoying it, because next year definitely won't be like this. Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyways. It's a chance to just be free, to work on me, and just to enjoy the people that are around me now, while I'm still near to them.

live for today

Daily Eats: 29/06

+Mixed Berry Squash.
+Cinnamon + Raisin Bagel w Crunchy PB + Banana, Cup of Tea, Green Grapes and 2 Rashers of Bacon.
+Green Tea.
+A Granola Oats and Honey Bar + Mango.
+Carvery (Ate Out), smallish-average Plate.
+Half a Pint.
+Cheese Roll, Baked Crisps, Banana.
+Small Glass of Milk.

Me and my mom got our wires crossed, again. It's all to do with how we say dates. In the week she said next Saturday we've got Leanne's baby shower, now next Saturday to me means not this Saturday the week after, but to my mom it means the coming Saturday. Anyways, I thought we were going to a baby shower next Saturday night, turns out it's today. Everyone who knows me, knows I love schedules but I am really learning to let go and to go with the flow of things a bit more than I ever have. By stop being so rigid it has opened a lot of doors and previously barred paths for me, and I can only hope that more get opened and broken down in the future. 

Daily Exercise: 29/06

+Treadmill - 5.2 miles - Felt really good, could have carried on.
+Same Arm, Back, Shoulders workout as the day before - Can't believe how much I am doing and that I am aching for it. I must have lost quite a lot of strength. 

It's a working progress and if I keep doing what I'm doing, which is improving more everyday, then things can only get better and that's all I can wish for.

Tomorrows another day, fingers crossed.

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