Thursday, 6 June 2013

I'm Back!

Back home I mean. It's good to be back. I get to spend lots of time with some of my favourite people.

I've been back since Friday, and it was my twentieth birthday on Tuesday. I had some goals I mentally jotted down last birthday. How I didn't want to go into my twenties doing this or doing that... etc etc. Anyways, as the year went on those ideas developed, moulded and changed, until I got to where I am now.

I'm not really sure that I could put a label on where I am at now. But I can describe it...

o Strong.
o Empowering.
o Stable.

Just to name a few. I know that when I have an off day that there's always a way back, and that it's not instant but if I keep working at it I'll get there. Are there still improvements to make? Yes. But am I working on it? Constantly. Giving up just doesn't feel right any more. I need to keep trying until I succeed.

I've been thinking about everything I want to accomplish before my next birthday, and there is a lot I want to do and achieve. In September I am entering into my last year of University, which means decisions need to be made, in answer to the many questions that are coming my way. For example, What do I want to do, Where do I want to do it, etc etc. A lot of important questions that I want to answer right. They are going to be the biggest decisions I have ever made. Sure it's scary but it's also liberating and exciting, to think of where I could be in a year from now!

Well that's a quick update of me at the moment. I know I need to start blogging more on here, and I will, soon.

My ending quote is this (and the tattoo soon to be on my arm):

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