Sunday, 9 June 2013


Things are going ok. I'm not really getting the exercise in, but that's because I've been spending my time sorting out and rearranging my bedroom. Which believe me has taken ages to do. Who knew I had so many clothes! Some of them are gone now, but others I can't bring myself to part with. Though, seriously if I haven't warn them in over a year they should really go.

Anyway, other than me having clothing issues I have just been pottering around and getting things done. For me being productive and staying busy is definitely the way to go. It helps me achieve balance, which to me equals success. But I hope for the next week will go better exercise wise. I go to Paris on the 16th which is a Sunday, so really I have all week (Mon, Tues, Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat). That's six days at least that I can get a good solid workout in. I just need to make sure I'm fitting it in.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't had a lazy day since I got back and each day something has been done. Thursday and Friday were spent helping my mom in the garden and getting my bedroom done. As I type there are some final things to be done in my room, but I'm sure by the time this goes up that they'll be done.

It's currently gorgeous over here and I've been getting out for a few hours each day. It's surprising what some fresh air and good weather can do to boost and improve your mood. I could definitely live somewhere where it's sunny for most of the year.

Food wise... things haven't been going too bad over here. I've been trying to eat healthy and portion control my treats. But I think (as always) there's still room for improvement that I hope to make over the week. This week was my birthday, so I guess I'm letting it slide. There was no cake, but there was bbq which was my birthday request. I love a good bbq and lets just say too much meat was consumed. Living at Uni I'm not used to eating that much meat in one meal.

Note to Self: Don't do that again any time soon!

It really threw me because I'm usually only used to being bloated because of one too many carbs. Anyways, towards the end of the week I slowly got back on track food wise. Unfortunately, exercise wise I only managed to workout three times, including running 6.5 miles in total on the treadmill. I'm hopefully building myself up for great things to come.

Now for a photo dump.

Alex, Osh, Me. 
Check out that blue sky!

Playing Cheat with My Nanny in the Background

Mama lighting the BBQ's

My Winning Cheat Hand

This is my all time fave fruit!

I mowed whilst my mama strimmed. This photo doesn't justify the length of our garden. I will have to post a picture to show why it took two evenings.

My arms are now seriously hurting. Who knew mowing was such a good workout?

Beautiful Sunset.

So that's me lately.

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