Monday, 1 July 2013

Daily #4 (Day in the Life)

Today is Sunday and it's been an odd sought of a day because it honestly doesn't feel like Sunday. Which I am hoping doesn't put me off for the rest of the week! But yeah, it has been a really chilled kind of a day. I got up late, didn't work out today but did mange to start reading my new book by Helen Fielding.

So far I am loving it, but I am only 64 pages in and although it's past midnight and I am typing this, I am going to stay up ten minutes longer after I have wrapped up these blog posts so I can read it.

For a few months now I have lost the spark I had, say back in March and I've basically spent the last few months trying to regain what I somehow managed to achieve back in March without little head way or success. So I am hoping July brings a return of fight, but I am still proud of the fact I have never really given up over these past few months even though I have struggled and times have been challenging. So for that I am proud, but now it's time to leave that and make my way forward once again to the light. I really want this month to be about, so Fingers Crossed.

Keep fighting

Daily Eats: 30/06

Half a small banana whilst I wait for porridge.

A 'naughty' handful of these as well.

I know I said I was over it, but I guess I'm not. Woke up craving it.

Slice of Wholemeal with Cheese Slice, Salad Cream and Salt + Vinegar French Fries.

I couldn't resist a packet of Pom Bear's, whilst dinner was cooking. Lookily they are only 75 cals.

Fresh Apricot - I've never tried fresh ones before but these were delicious!

In between these two I had my main meal, which was unfortunately unpictured. It was a Sunday Roast with Pork Steaks, Masses of different Veg and Potatoes + Gravy and Mint Sauce.

A Unsweetened Cappuccino to end the day, with a Kelloggs Nutri-grain Bar. New found favourite.

Daily Exercise: 30/06


Today was actually a good day in the light of things. I know there wasn't any exercise, but there was plenty I got done including; reading a new book and writing a couple of chapters to a new story I am working on.

Tomorrow's not only a new day, it's a new month, so look on the brighter side, always.

Fingers Crossed.

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