Thursday, 11 July 2013

So, It's Thursday and I Think I've Been Poisoned...

So last night I went to bed early. I was shattered and feeling a little off. But half an hour after saying goodnight to my mom I went from feeling a little off, to something definitely isn't right, and get me a bin quick. I absolutely hate throwing up. I realise that nobody loves it but I especially hate it, and when other people get sick and have to throw up I am twice as useless. If I even smell the sick wafting up, I have to heave and more than often throw up.

For example recently on our trip to Paris my best friend was sick, full on throwing up in a bin and what did I do I hear you ask. Well I did the logical thing and walked away. I know bad friend alert right here but I know she feels the same so we are equal on that front.

Even my list of worse illness symptoms goes like this:

1. Being physically sick.
3.A sore nose/ not being able to breathe.

And so that's my list of three worst illness symptoms to get.

So you can imagine my horror when at half one in the morning I found myself throwing up into my bedroom bin. I'll spare you the details, though I probably wouldn't even be able to write them without feeling queasy. As I am writing this post in question, I still feel terrible with a high chance that I may throw-up again in the foreseeable future.

Now soon after I had thrown up, so did my little brother, followed by my sister, which is why we are pretty sure it's food poisoning and it was the mince meat from the bolognese my mom cooked last night. And has officially put me off mince meat for a long long time, thanks giant food supermarket company that shall remain unnamed! Now, we've had the meat from there loads before, including the mince meat. But what we think has happened is that they may not have immediately refrigerated the meat when it first came in from delivery and with this hot weather you can't take those sort of chances. Which majorly sucks for us. But like my mom said the meat looked and smelt fine before she cooked it, so it just goes to show that you can never tell or be sure that meat is safe to eat.

So check and double check your meat guys and take all the necessary precautions.

It's believe it or not my first time getting food poisoning, and I hope it to be my last because the effects are the worst I've experienced for ages. So there was definitely no exercise from me today and I've only managed to eat some crackers. But even those dry crackers have made me feel queasy, so no more food for me tonight. I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow obviously but for now I am just focusing on making a healthy recovery.

It's funny how much we take our health for granted, but as soon as it in jeopardy or has been jeopardised, we find ourselves really missing it and praying for it back. Who knew a little bit of food could make a grown human being feel so ill. I am the one who had the smallest portion of the spag bol as I wasn't really that hungry. I basically tasted it and it's done so much damage.

Fingers Crossed I recover fast and it doesn't take another few days to get out my system xoxo

Anybody else ever had food poisoning?and if so...How long did it take (roughly) to get out your system?


  1. I don't think I've ever had food poisoning, but I did get a horrid case of the stomach flu about three weeks ago. It was agony. On the upside, it completely detoxed me from sugar and food cravings. I've lost 5 lbs. since then.
    I hope you feel better soon and if you get worse, get yourself to the dr!

    1. Yeah, I was the same until yesterday. It's weird I went from feeling like utter crap yesterday to waking up today and feeling human again. It was a really strange experience and definitely not one I want to repeat ever again! This has probably never happened to me before though because I have never consumed this much meat before, mainly because growing up I was a veggie and refused to eat meat.

      Now I am going to be super careful for sure.

      Ha ha yep Elle today was weigh-in for me and I was saying all week that when Friday roles around I am going to get on the scale and face the number. And as you can see from my right column, I still peaked at my weight and it was a nice if not uncounted weigh-in!

  2. I've gotten sick a few times where I've wondered if it was food poisoning. It took me about a week to feel slightly normal, but sometimes I've heard it can be a month before you get back all of your energy and can eat regularly again.

    This sounds awful. I agree with Elle that if it doesn't get better soon you should get checked out. Hope you feel better over the weekend with a little rest!

    1. Like I said in my comment above to Elle, I am feeling ok-ish today. A little off but fine. It's weird how a little bit of meat can make your health hang out in the balance and dip like that.

      I am meant to be going to an event tomorrow,which is our local festival and because I didn't go last year I really want to go tomorrow. So, lets hope I am feeling better than I do today. If I take it easy I'll hopefully be ok.

      Have a great weekend :D

  3. Thank you both for your advice and concern :D I hope you have a great weekend!