Monday, 15 July 2013

My Week Of Attack After A Great Weekend

It was a great weekend, filled with time spent with family and friends and I really enjoyed myself. Every now and again I have to stop and remind myself of how far I have come from the start of the year. When I first decided I needed to address a few issues in my life that were becoming a major hindrance on and to my overall health. My anxiety and social anxiety was stopping me from properly enjoying myself with the people who matter, which was no fun at all. It all started last April when it first began to affect my life and my academics to the point where some days I was unable to leave my room, let alone get myself to class.

So, I always have to remind myself and not take it for granted at how far I have come and how many barriers I had to break down to get there/here. And I am thankful that I can now do everything I want to do, when I want to do it.

With many smiles along the way :-D

That's what I wore to the festival on Saturday, I am definitely loving wearing maxi skirts with crop tops and sandals this Summer. 

Other than these couple of photos I really didn't take that many this weekend. I just lived in the moment and enjoyed the time I spent with everybody around me.

Going into a new week I am in dire need of a change. A shake-up if you will, especially where food is concerned. I over-indulged on Saturday and it left me feeling really ehh and meh. So here are my goals going into a new week (14/07-20/07).

+ Cut out Chocolate, Crisps and Sweets.

Lately I have become complacent and it's leaving me not feeling my best. So this week I have decided to bite the bullet and just take it away, full stop. Slowly but surely things have been slipping into my diet that I don't usually like to have on a constant basis. 

It's not a diet, it's just healthier eating.

+ Drink more fluids, even if it means I can't stomach as much food.

I have found recently that drinking more fluids means I am feeling fuller, which means in turn that eating on top of trying to drink loads makes me feel really bloated. I am hoping my body gets with the programme and solves this one on its own soon. Balancing the higher intake of fluids with the regular intake of food.

+ To work on portion control and not overeating.

This is something I have been really struggling with as of late. Hopefully over this week things will pull together and fall into place again so I am back on the right track.

+ Avoid eating Bread and Potatoes where possible.

Lately they are both upsetting my stomach, which is causing some unnecessary side affects. 

+And my final one is trying to not eat after 6pm.

I am doing all of these for my health and how I feel, rather than for weight loss. So hopefully I am successful and by doing all these things I improve digestion and all things stomach related.


Happy Monday :-D

Thanks to new mamma Katie for hosting :-D

Did anyone else go to any festivals or special events over the weekend?
Does anybody else have a summer fashion staple or favourite?


  1. My summer favorite is sandals. All shapes, styles and colors :)

    Good luck with rocking your goals! Love the Confined image.

    1. I love the way sandals look, but I tend to buy the flat, hard bottomed ones and regret it later. I should find some comfortable ones.

      Thank you Jill xoxo

  2. I think you have set yourself some great goals! I really hope that they go well for you and that your digestion gets better.

    I think the ones that you hit on that cause me the most pain is not overeating and not eating too late. 7PM used to be my cut off time, but now I'm just making it a goal to leave about 2-3 hours between my last snack and bedtime. The only thing that I eat after supper is a snack of a few frozen bananas. I tried to not eat anything after supper but I would wake up with horrible stomach pains from hunger so that didn't go too well. But on nights where I eat right before bed I notice that I'm a lot more bloated when I wake up so that's a really good decision! I will work on it too :)

    1. When I set them I thought they were going to be so easy to stick to, but I am not going to lie, it has been difficult! I think it was too much to do all at once, so with that I am already re-thinking and re-ordering my goals. That way I can put the focus on each one as they deserve.

      I'm managing to do most, but not all and it has overwhelmed me.

      But I am the same with that anything eaten later than eight and I won't be able to eat until 1 pm the next day.

      Good Luck :D xoxo