Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thursday Things... I Have Been Thinking About

I should have really called this post 'Thinking Thursday', because that seems like all I have been doing over the past few days.

At the moment time seems to be ticking by, and nothing seems to be getting done - at all. Or at least it's feeling that way. I feel as though I am behind. On life as crazy as that sounds. I hear everybody talking about their jobs on Facebook or the internships they are setting up, and I must admit I am a little jealous. I get in my own head when applying for jobs and internships and talk myself out of applying quite a lot.

Well no more my goal from now until September is to look for Jobs to start when I return to University in September or maybe even August. But also to set up internships within the next year, just to get myself out there in general. So people know me in the industry  I want to go into after University.

I guess I just need to get my butt in gear (fourth or fifth), and see what happens. Nothing bad ever happened from enquiring, right?

With that said here's what I ate today. I am trying to eat when I am hungry and eat what I crave.

I am definitely a sweaty Betty in this photo, and ignore the smile my Hamstrings were on fire!

These were my eats for today, and in that order more or less too. I really couldn't eat much other than fruit at the start of the day, but I was just snacking instead. Tiny but frequent meals worked for me today, until eight O'clock when I hadn't eaten in five hours and I decided to have the bottom two pictures. But I noticed today with my intuitive eating that everything really hit the spot!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some good to me news to share.

Until then goodnight, or good morning :-D

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