Thursday, 25 July 2013

Away From Routine

Starting Saturday I will be away from routine, and with that comes a little stress and a lot of anxiety. Most of which I am keeping under control, with the help of some Kalms. But it isn't as if I am relying on them in any way, they are just being taken when needed, especially since I started to drive again last Friday.

I can't believe I have now had my pap pap a week (and I know, still no photo. Soon).

So, as I've said I have been taking Kalms, just as a buffer if you will, something to top up my control on the different situations of Life. I have had phases in the past of using them, but I have never been prescribed anything and always prefer to use Kalms and seek herbal remedies before I do. My doctor was very insistent when I first brought it to her attention that I was suffering from Panic Attacks and Anxiety that she was going to explore other methods before writing out the prescription.

And I am so glad she din't just give me the meds, it wouldn't have solved anything, and I always knew that there was a deeper meaning behind the attacks etc. The "cognitive behaviour therapy" worked for me and it gave me all the tools I needed. I am not saying I won't need to re-visit it at the later stage, maybe even during the next academic year. But I have the tools, and those tools passed on to me by my therapists will be my saving graces these next 8 days or so. We are going Sat to Sat, but I can feel the anxiety building already.

social anxiety things - I thought that was just me!! Lol

Whilst on Pinterest the other day I found this, which refers to social anxiety. It sounds stupid but so true. I over-think and see everything, and ponder on conversations that have long passed. It used to be so hard but now everything is manageable and I am hoping the next week proves me right :-D


These are the kind of things that I have to remember. All the time. The world will be as it is, the people will act how they want to act. I just need to find a way to respond to it and that's what I have been doing these past six or seven months. I have gone from surviving, to coping, to thriving, and the last one is how I want to be.

Sue and Jane always encouraged me to come up with a plan. A plan that would help lower my anxiety and focus my intentions. By nature I am a very organised, like to be productive person and this fits my character perfectly. Since most of the week I will be winging it, not quite sure if I should be calling it a plan because most of the week will probably be group activities etc. Something that depends on all parties, not just the one person and so compromises will need to be made along the week. So I am coming up with guidelines so to speak to help me throughout the week.

I will probably do a blog about the list, and how I am getting on or had got on because I have a feeling that I will be on limited internet. (insert my sad face here)

I hope that if any of you have friends or family who suffer from social anxiety, anxiety or depression, or maybe if it's you suffering from anxiety yourself that these posts I do about my experience and story are helping you in a way. However little. It's a tough cookie to crack, but trust me everyone can do it. You are capable of overcoming this, trust me.

Until then, hugs and kisses.

Oh and one more to end the post!


Love it :D

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