Monday, 29 July 2013

FMM #19

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

friend makin mondays
Thanks Kenlie for Hosting :-D

Right let's get down to business!

1. Socialising/Spending Time - with both family and friends. I love spending quality time with my family and friends, whether it's one-on-one or it's time spent as a group. I am definitely one of those people who likes their own company and I am very thankful for that, but as I get older I enjoy others company more. I know it is usually the other way around but this is the way it has worked out for me.

2. Exercising and Eating Healthy. These two things, especially combined make me happy. They both make me feel good inside and if I feel good inside then it shows on the outside and translates into every aspect of my life. Plus, endorphins are supposed to make you feel good anyways.

3. Travelling. If I had the money I would travel more but as I am a student I have to save up instead, and that's what I did in Paris. In Paris I loved it. I love exploring in general, no matter where it is but if it's in a different country and one I have never been to - even better!

4. Shopping. But I think most girls would agree. I am a girl who loves to shop. It's sounds sad but I even enjoy going food shopping. I just can't help myself.

5. Healthy Relationships. It makes me happy when my relationships with the people I am closest to are good and healthy. Being on good/great terms makes me  happy.

6. Creating new healthy recipes. There's nothing more I love than making my own meals and baked goods, but I love to challenge myself on how better and healthier I can make them.

7. Nights out with friends. I love to have a good night out with friends where drinking and dancing are involved. There's nothing better than a girly night out, am I right?

8. Good Weather. It's surprising how good weather and a blast of sunshine can change your mood for the better. I am definitely a sun seeker, and if I have the choice between a hot holiday and a not hot holiday guess which one I am choosing?

9. Routine. Call me a nerd but I love going to school and I love anything with a routine. No routine equals a not so happy Chloe, and the difference in me is immense. Since Saturdays day of disaster I haven't got a routine. I have been lethargic and tired and so my sleep pattern is also messed up. Hopefully as the week goes on I can establish a good routine for myself.

10. And finally I absolutely love being in my Uni town. It just gives me a great sense of freedom and independence and that in general makes me happy.

Happy FMM :-D 


  1. oops- completely forgot about shopping. Does that mean Iam not a real shopper ;)

    1. Ha ha no Z, it's definitely one of my more superficial happiness things on the list :D