Monday, 8 July 2013

The Sun Always Makes Everything Better

First of all, Happy 100th Post to me! I truly cannot believe that I am already on post 100 of this little old blog of mine. I'd like to thank everyone for their readership and comments, it really means a lot. So, thanks guys :-D

Lately, I wouldn't say I was in a slump, nor would I say I was on a downer. But I definitely feel as though I am bobbing up and down, with no clear direction to go in. Now to say I am some one who enjoys schedules and routine is an understatement, because I need, crave and love them. This will probably be the last summer I don't have a schedule and so that's why I am taking advantage of it and enjoying it and trying to not feel as guilty about not doing much. Which for me is hard, because I like to be a busy bee and feel like I'm achieving something and getting things done.

Anyways, I hope to figure out everything that is going on. I always come up with a solution, so that's just that. The difference between now and a year ago when I was really struggling is that I don't let it affect me. I brush it off my shoulder and get going.



I AM A TIGER. | 30 Easy Steps To Not Give A F#@k

Negative people quotes -If you attach to the negative behavior of others it brings you down to their level. — GURU SINGH

If your an atheist on the Internet then you get a lot of insults right? Don't let other's opinions affect you.

I've come to learn that people will always try and bring you down in some way, it's your job to laugh at them because you're strength is way more powerful and potent than theirs, than theirs will ever be.

That is a reminder we all need sometimes, when times are pressing.

But I have a feeling this week could have the potential to be good and productive. Bring it on.

Here's some inspiring messages that could always be of use.

Thanks to Katie for hosting :D

Happy Monday. Here's to hoping your week got off to a great start :-D

As a quick add on, I don't know why but I kept listening to the same song on repeat whilst writing this post, and that is 'I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Miserables. How strange right?

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