Monday, 22 July 2013

FMM #18

Let's Talk About T.V

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Thanks to Kenlie for being our host :-D
Happy FMM

1.Share your current “Must-See” TV shows.

This one isn't as easy as it first seemed, but with that said at the moment I am really enjoying watching the new season of 'Supernatural' and a new favourite is probably 'In Plain Sight'. See a lot of my shows have just finished like 'Bones', 'Criminal Minds' and 'Mad Dogs'. I guess it's just that time of year, so a lot of my faves aren't on t.v.

We must now recount our every emotion about the show. Hilighting the good ones as bet we can.
There are so many of these for Supernatural. I love reading them all!

LAST DAY OF IN PLAIN SIGHT! Last day of the show, of the season and of being in Albuquerque!

2.Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms?  

I'd say I watch both but I probably lean to sitcoms more than I do reality t.v.

3.Who is your favourite talk show host?

To be honest I don't watch that many talk shows, if at all. But sometimes I catch Ellen and also really like Chelsea Lately, she is probably my fave!

4.Which network(s) do you turn to for news? 
You know what my shows are scattered all over the place and I really don't watch from a dominant channel. Although the sky channels are watched more frequently when I am away at Uni and have limited access for television.

5.Do you have Tivo or DVR?  If so, which programs do you have set to record? 
We have a Sky+ box which basically means to everyone living outside the U.K that I can record my shows like you can on Tivo etc. But we basically have everything set to record now. We never used to mind until we got a Sky + box, but adverts now drive us up a wall and we have much more fun skipping them. So watching everything on record gives us that freedom.

Plus that way you don't miss anything either, or forget it's on etc!

6.Have you ever started watching a show simply because you heard so much about it on social media? 

Errm not really. I just tend to see the advertisements and say I'll give that a go sometime or when it's out.

7.List any TV series that you own on DVD.  
-Gilmore Girls (My all time favourite).
-A few series of One Tree  Hill.
-A few series of Ghost Whisperer (I still need to get the last two I think).
and sad but true...
-Laguna Beach - The Real O. C (I used to be obsessed when I was a kid).

8. Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, etc?

I don't at the moment but for my last year of Uni I am considering it!

9.If you could star in a TV show that already exists, which one would you choose?

Definitely Supernatural! I mean who wouldn't want to star across from them two guys.

10.If you could bring back one TV show that is no longer on the air, which one would you choose? 

No doubt in my mind it would have to be, Gilmore Girls!

Does anybody else have a love for Supernatural?

Has anybody read the Chelsea Lately Books? I am thinking about trying them out.


  1. Found you via FMM. You're the second person I've read that loves Supernatural! I've personally met most of the cast at conventions and I run the fansite :) Good choice in television!

    1. No way, that's awesome. It's one of my favourite shows of all time, and it helps that both me and my mom love it :D

      I'll have to check out the fansite!

      Thanks for stopping by Crystal :D

    2. Not a problem! I added you to my reading list. :)

  2. Came by from FMM. It's funny to read responses where I overlap with none of the TV shows mentioned -- makes me feel like I'm missing some really good shows!

    1. Ha ha Carina I feel the same way, especially when shows like Mad Men are mentioned. It's just not my sought of thing.

      Thanks for Stopping by :D