Sunday, 28 July 2013

Could It Get Any Worse?

In answer to my blog title question, no, I don't think they could get any worse.

Sorry in advance for the rambling.

All week I was getting "a bad feeling", so to speak about taking the trip down to Woolacoombe, Devon. For those who don't know, me, my mom, my sister and my brother were going down to a family wedding and we were meant to me staying the week in a caravan. Now I am one of those people who "feels" things (sorry I am not sorry). I have always been the same, even when I was little I would get vibes from people. Meaning that I would either like that person and give them hugs etc, or not like that person and try to stay away from them. And thinking about it I still do that to day, but obviously in a more mature way.

First of all I know within a matter of minutes if I like someone, as I said I get my vibes and it's the same with every aspect of my life. It's rooted deep in my personality I guess. I have mild OCD. I have anxiety. And all these many different things together form the way I live if you will. Because I always say if you aren't feeling it I am not doing it or I make it so I am wary of it. It's just the way I am.

Now for the story. That I must point out couldn't have been made up, and a story that not many could believe.

It started in my car on the M5 at 15:15, and ended at 03:30 am on our drive at home in a courtesy car.

Intrigued? Well I shall try and continue without sobbing.

No word of a lie the bad luck just kept coming. Like I have already said it all started at quarter past three on a busy Saturday M5 motorway. A light came on the dashboard and we wasn't sure what it was. So I type it into google (as you do), and it turns out it is some kind of electrical fault! My heart dropped and my mom who was driving at the time said that it felt like there was no power behind the accelerator (gas), which is never good.

We were literately half a mile from the junction we needed to exit the M5 at, and we managed to get the car there. But the car still wasn't letting us accelerate beyond 30 mph. But after sitting with the engine cut for 15 minutes and restarting it, the light went off on the dash and it felt like things had gone back to normal. Boy were we wrong!

Fifteen more minutes down the line and we were now flying again, everything felt fine but we were still wary.

I would like to just add that:
1.) I am so glad and thankful that this didn't happen in the car when I was by myself.
2.)I am really glad that I took out the RAC cover with my insurance.
3.)This all started when the rain came (so a big two fingers up to shitty british weather, definitetly a sign that I should leave this country after Uni). I am a warm weather person through and through!

Then it completely cut us dead again. Luckily, and I know I only remember the bad luck yesterday but there was good luck and as my mom keeps reminding me 'things could have been worse'. And this is completely true. We are all alive (a little sleep deprived), but healthy and kicking.

And for this I am completely thankful!

Long story (and believe me it was a 12 hour story for us) short, my car is now sitting in a Weston Tow Truck Yard. (Yes I have had the car 8 days and it had to be towed!) The car now doesn't start. The lovely man called Tony at the RAC couldn't fix it, it's something computerised, electrical and to do with the throttle. So I have about 300 to 400 pounds worth of repairs to get done when the car gets back! Just what I needed. They said that they would usually have just taken us back up home, but there was only one guy on last night (just our luck) and so he couldn't. But like me and my mom said, we should have insisted they take us back! The drive back home was dark, wet, scary and strenuous, mostly for my mom who drove us back. I was her navigator and her eyes, since it was terrible out last night. Little did we know, because we had no internet and no phones, that there was actually an amber warning last night and people were advised not to drive.

So, once again I am thankful that we are all back safe!

But we plan to head down back to Devon tomorrow. Yesterday we were against it, just because of the hassle. But it would be like throwing hundreds of pounds down the drain. On the other hand I don't know if I will even be able to enjoy the holiday now. I can't afford to (literally). I just want to get my car back and to get it fixed as soon as possible.

I can definitely see some sleepless nights ahead until it gets fixed. Who knows now how the week will pan out. But my emotions are all over the place and I am completely spent.

And this is why I prefer to fly, and I prefer to holiday abroad. It is always more reliable and as long as you have the right insurance, nothing should be worried about. With £300 it's scary to think of what I could get. I know yesterday was nobody's fault and that's just the way the world of cars works. But I just want to see my car on my drive and running the way it should be.

Ehh. Writing this I have felt like I was re-living it. I feel spent!

My Poor Baby :-(

Leave me comments telling me your worse car stories! Whether it has happened to you, or you've been in the car when it has happened, or maybe it's just happened to people you know?!


  1. Thats sounds like an awful day in the car! I happen to have bad luck with hitting animals while driving. My husband and I were on a trip with friends when we hit a deer in the middle of the night while driving down the Interstate at 80 MPH. I was driving. It was terrible, and the rest of the group in the car ahead of us were so far ahead of us, we couldn't reach them and none of them EVER thought to call and check on us or pull over and wait. One of their spouses was with us and she was NOT happy with her husband in the car ahead of us. Our car was totaled and we had to get a motel and rent a car the next day for our 10 hour drive home. it was a mess.

    Several years later, I was driving down the Interstate with my college daughter when a BOBCAT ran onto the road from WHO KNOWS WHERE and we hit him and it literally took out the whole front end of the bottom of my car!! Again, a tow job and phone calls., needless to say, I am always on the lookout for large animals!!! No humans were hurt. :)

    1. Oh my god Jules that sounds terrible. Ha ha like your ending statement of 'No humans were hurt' :D

      Cars are great and give a lot of freedom but they are also a lot of hassle and sometimes can prove quite scary. Hopefully both our lucks involving cars changes (and soon)!

      Good Luck for future Driving expeditions :D