Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dreaming of That First Run

Outside that is.

Rewind back to...

The other day as I was running on my treadmill, and I suddenly felt great. I am talking 'I could keep this up all night' kind-of-great. Obviously, that didn't happen and at mile 6.1 after 70+ minutes on the treadmill I called it a night.

Does anybody else experience that? Sometimes you can go further and faster in the evening, and sometimes it happens in the morning.

It's strange.

My usual energised running time is mid-morning, but lately I just haven't been waking up feeling great. It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I get.

Anyways, getting back on track. I have always said that I would love to one day run a marathon, if not marathons. By nature I am a very competitive person, especially with myself. I like to beat my own times, my own reps, etc etc. It makes me feel strong, and that's the feeling I strive for at the end of every workout. No matter the time, as long as what I set out to do gets done I am happy.

It was like that in yesterdays workout. From the beginning I had struggled mentally to engage at the task in hand. I wasn't focused and I wanted nothing more to stop and go lie down. But by pushing through and getting everything done I felt stronger than ever, and that's the kind of thing I feel I would have to overcome to run a marathon runner.

Growing up I excelled at fast bursting sports, and when I did my GCSE qualification in P.E I couldn't wait for the fartlek training and athletics (sprinting and throwing). But I have never been one for endurance. Simply because I find it difficult to go at a lower pace for longer. I would rather sprint really fast for a short burst instead. It's not just about the physical preparation I would need to do, but rather the mental fatigue I would have to endure. The repetition that comes with long distances. The momentum I would need to keep up. And the list could go on, but you get the picture!

But lately I have made a real go at running. I realise in order to call myself a "real runner" that I need to hop off the treadmill and start pounding the pavement instead. I know that no-one has a good run, but unless I have a running buddy I become paranoid and anxious when I am out even walking on my own sometimes. Sure, It is getting better but I need to just get out there, and do it. Because I know I will never regret the decision to run or run outside, it's just taking that first step forward and preparing myself to leap off the edge.

I'll keep you updated on whether I am close to hitting the pavement or not. But at the moment I am not sure how long the luxury of the treadmill will last, so I guess we will see on that front!

Fingers Crossed it is soon though :-D

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