Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Daily #6 (Day in the Life)

Today hasn't been too bad as far as food is concerned. I ate when I was hungry but I also feel as though I could of done without some of the food I ate too. Does that make sense? Like I was eating for the sake of eating the snack, which I am trying to avoid doing.

But overall it hasn't been too bad. I definitely can't complain :-D


I can definitely be guilty of this one, I guess it's something to work on and hopefully get better at.

Daily Eats: 02/07

Unpictured here is a buttered cob: I was suddenly really hungry before my main meal and couldn't wait at all.

A Couple of these :-D

Daily Exercise: 02/07

A little strength this morning and then in the afternoon I walked to the shopping centre 10-15 minutes away from me (there and back).

Fingers Crossed for Tomorrow xoxox

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