Friday, 12 July 2013

It's Never Too Late... For Some Mid-Year Goals or Resolutions

Am I Right Guys?

This is a blog post inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Lisa, from Lisa Lately. So go check her out! I read her post about Mid-Year Resolutions and was immediately inspired to come up with a few of my own. It reminded me that it is never too late, and good things come to those who wait and have the patience and consistency in their day to day life's.

it's never too late...

And with that message I'd like to list my Mid-Year... Goals or Resolutions? You decide. It's just a bunch of things that come to my mind.

I apologise now if it gets quite random and maybe a little weird :-D

+To get over my hang-ups about running in public and go for it, start running outside.

Which leads to my next one...

+Run a race by the end of the year, even if it's only a 5k.

I always used to sign up for these in high school and I used to love doing them and competing against not only others but myself as well.

+To improve on my establish relationships, but to also put myself out there and be open to meeting new faces.

I think this goal/resolution may always be on the list. It's a simple but a classic and an area where nobody is ever an expert in.

+To never lose sight of what's real and attainable, no matter how far away it seems.

+Do more "bloggery" things.

Which should totally be a word by the way! Ha ha, yeah to be more involved in the blogging community I think :-D

+To start vlogging.

This is a biggy. I would like to do a few vlogs every now and again, because sometimes I think of a topic and can't think of a way to better communicate it other than to talk about it. I need to get over hating the sound of my own voice! It's a working progress for sure.

+Cook from scratch more, and make an effort to spend my food budget wisely when at University.

This is always on the list too, but a good one to be reminded of half way through the year...

+To stop comparing myself to others.

+To not be afraid to go out with friends and get out there and put myself out there in general.

This has been a goal since the beginning of the year when I properly began having therapy for my issues/problems/struggles. I was "diagnosed" at the beginning of the year with social anxiety, meaning my general anxiety heightens around social situations etc. And although therapy for me worked, and it was very successful. That one especially likes to linger and hang on. Don't get me wrong, since the start of the year there has definitely been a massive improvement and I am currently in a improved/great place mentally. But those old thoughts sometimes have a tendency to pop up and show themselves.

Talk about rambling Chloe, reign it in a bit!

+To be good to both myself and the people around me.

+Learn how to properly apply my make up or better apply my make-up, in a bid to make an effort more.

I am a real slob and tend to dress more for comfort all the time, which usually means no bra, messy hair and thrown on clothes with no make-up!

There's no others coming to mind at the moment, but I guess goals and resolutions can be made any time right? They are up to me to make and break :-D

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. I was just thinking I need to make a rest-of-the-summer bucket list!!! Good luck!! Find a fun race!

    1. A rest of summer list sounds amazing Corrie, and I hope so.

      Good Luck to you as well :D

  2. I love your blog Chloe, you have such a great attitude. It's really encouraging to me. Lol about hating the sound of your voice^_^. I sometimes think my voice sounds weird, I'm like "that's how I sound?" when I hear it. This might sound weird lol but I imagine how the blogger's voice sounds, as if that person were speaking out loud through his/her writing. In my head you have a nice voice :@).

    I can totally relate to rambling. I don't even know where to start on I wont. Also I think I have social anxiety. I tend to overthink things sometimes. I don't dislike being with people, but sometimes I put too much pressure on myself. Me and God are working on that...

    Hope you're feeling better after that whole food poisoning. Have a blessed day Chloe ;@). By the way those are some great goals. Looking forward to your success.


    1. Aww thank you so much Christina. I love kind readers like you :D And appreciate all your comments.

      I think social anxiety will always be a problem for me, but through certain techniques I am learning to manage it and that's all I can hope for at the moment anyways.

      Thank you again for stopping by xoxo

    2. You're welcome ;@). I love thoughtful bloggers like you lol. And as long as you have hope you have something.

      Goodmorning or Goodnight lol whichever fits