Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I mentioned previously that I wasn't feeling my best. I am at a different stage in this journey and I figured that I now require a different approach. Not necessarily to exercise, although that could use a shake up but it's mainly my diet that needs it and the what, when and why I am eating. It's definitely what I want to work on as the month progresses. I won't get an accurate weight reading until next week some time towards the end. Sorry to the guys reading this post (it just happens to be that time of the month). So, like I said no accurate weight gage and I am completely starting to feel those affects. The bloating especially! I have decided to take water retention tablets until the day in question come (sorry for the tmi). Just trying to explain.

So I am going to be trying to eat the best I can for the next four days and see if I see any affects. I have an event I am going to be going to on Saturday and so there will be alcohol being consumed. But I figured being "good" during the next four days will minimise any damage. I guess I have finally learnt damage control and that one meal affects the next, and that's just my choice.

More fruit, salad and veggies will be consumed, and less bread and alcohol will be consumed. I think cutting back or cutting out bread doesn't necessarily have an amazing profound difference to my weight. But feeling wise I feel better from going bread free and that's just the way it's been since my early teens.

I might take measurements, weight and pictures but haven't made a clear decision yet. It's kind of scary weighing in because as you can see on the right side tab, I haven't weighed in since the fourteenth of June which I believe was just over three weeks ago (four by Friday). I've just been going on a feeling, not avoiding it on purpose. But the longer I wait the more nervous I get by the number that will flash back at me on the day I decide to weigh-in.

Hopefully I start feeling better about everything soon!

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