Monday, 22 July 2013

Adding A Little Marvellous To My Monday...

and hopefully to my week. Last week didn't suck. Actually it was a great week looking back, because great things did happen, and I made them happen. Sometimes with a little help from other, which isn't something to be ashamed about.

Every little bit can help

#itsmesimon keep calm as every little helps

I am not normally a fan of keep calm posters etc, but for this one I shall make an exception.

Last week from the Monday to the Sunday, I managed to workout four times, which I am a little defeated about even though I know it's not too shabby. But I always look back at the end of the week and think I could have done more, and this happens every time. But on the other hand I am glad I managed to workout the four days. I guess it could have been much worse.

On Friday I got my very own car (a photo will be coming shortly). Last week I finally decided to get my arse in gear and re-start the hunt for a car. It didn't go smoothly as I slightly touched up on in a previous post, but I have one now and so the search is over.

Another tick and something being crossed off my list.

And let me tell you my list was long, after a month of un-productivity of my usual standard. Hopefully getting the car is just a start and now the ball really starts rolling.

But most importantly my focus for this week will be to get going and get a few more ticked off my list. I want to eat clean, healthy food and to exercise enough, whilst going out and getting enough practice in my own car.

I just need to remember what I am working towards and regain that ambition I began the Summer holidays with. I was brimming with it, but I think I need to just start eating better, moving more and getting back out there.

When I do all of the above I feel great, and that's the way I want to feel again. But is this the week I am willing to hit everything on the head ?! I sure hope so. Let the stars align... and, err, everything.

Yesterday was a relaxing day, and only a little driving practice was had. But it was enough. The past few days have been spent on sorting out the car and practising etc, and so on Saturday and Sunday exercise was neglected. But this week I am hoping to exercise every single day because from Saturday I am away on holiday and only walking will more than likely be my form of exercise, for the entire week.

It may just kill me!

That's why I am hoping to be gearing up the rest of the week in my newly purchased workout gear and get as much sweat etc out as I possibly can. It will be gross for sure, and I will probably look like a bit of an un-kept mess this week. But I am sure at the end of it that it will all be worth it!

Day by day

Nowhere near where I want to be, but it's motivating knowing if I keep working out consistently that I could be there :D

Thanks to Katie for being a gem and the host of this shindig :-D

Happy MIMM guys!

What did everyone else get upto this weekend?

Any gym days off to relax?

P.S - Sorry about the rambling post!

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