Friday, 15 November 2013

Please Don't Let Me Be Ill....Again

So as I type I am in fact a little under the weather. I made a big batch of Chilli last night, and ate a bowl with rice and topped in with cheese. And then I had a late night snack around 10 pm of 3 biscuits and a small glass of milk. Ever since then I have felt off. I feel nauseous, with a fever and a bad stomach.

Those three words pretty much sum it up - nauseous, fever, bad stomach.

I seriously hope I am feeling better tomorrow morning for my shift at work.

At the moment I am feeling so tired and ill, but it's just not going away! And I want to return to the gym and begin eating better soon.

I've got to say I can't wait for the first of December to arrive. Last night we watched a Christmas movie I hadn't actually seen called 'Jack Frost', anyone else heard of it. It has Michael Keaton in...sounding familiar. Well I watched it and it was good but it wasn't amazing I'll be honest and I am someone who loves their Christmas films. I am after all these years starting to build up my collection. It started last year when I purchased most of my favourites and I think it's only right that I expand the collection this year also.

Over the years what Christmas means to me has definitely changed. As expected it's no longer receiving the gifts that's the most exciting, but for me it's the build up. The playing of Christmas films and songs and eating delicious food, or drinking your way through a bottle of Bailey's. All these things become appropriate and I take full advantage of that fact.

Can't wait to tick the boxes next to my Crimbo songs on Itunes! How lame is that?

I am now on countdown....16 days, well 15 and a half really since I am writing this post at half past six!

Anybody else already getting excited about Christmas?

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  1. I'm so with you on Chrismas! As I got older, now I just love the whole atmosphere around Christmas time

    -Elise @