Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WIAW: Tuesdays Eats

Happy WIAW :-D And thanks to Jenn as always for Hosting!

As this post is published I am currently in the library stressing over an essay that is due in today.

Thought I was prepared for the first essay of the semester and indeed the year, but apparently I am second guessing everything I write at the moment.

This means I am getting straight to the main event today and showing you the goods foods I ate yesterday. That's one confusing sentence but there's not even time to change that.

I made this before I went to the library. I have a serious hankering for fried eggs lately and I am definitely filling that gap.

Then I packaged it up, and added a banana and coffee! My standard accompaniment for my morning sleepiness.

Caramel Latte - I can't get enough of these babies lately. But I am determined to branch out and try as many Christmas drinks as I can in the run up to the holidays. Unfortunately my uni doesn't do the Christmas cups so I am going to have to do my own visits to coffee shops off campus. 

Then I went shopping and solved my hankering for salad and southern fried chicken. So so good.

And I finally remembered I had sliced beetroot in my cupboard.

And then I had the other half of this packet. Hit another spot.

As you can tell lately I have been eating based on cravings, and I've had a lot. It must be something to do with the cold weather and deadlines.

Has anybody tried a Christmas Cup/Drink yet? What did you get?

Anybody else been hit with cravings lately?

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  1. Ah Beet Root is so good, or anything pickled for that matter!