Monday, 4 November 2013

It's Been a Fast-Paced Sort of Weekend...

and week in general for that matter. A lot seemed to be going on. A quick run down is I went for an interview for a part-time job and got it. Yay. In the mist of the job interview, training and indeed starting on Saturday, I drove home. I was meant to go home on the Wednesday and go back to my mom's home made stew, but because the training was the following day after the interview I couldn't leave until Thursday afternoon.

Looking back and writing this it's no wonder I felt tired this weekend haha.

The reason for my driving back home was because of the Birmingham Arctic Monkeys gig, which for those who don't know or don't care it got cancelled, and then finally rescheduled for later this month. Damn I was fuming there was a bit of controversy surrounding the bands cancellation. Since they were out at a music awards ceremony the night before and there were still photos of them out partying at 4am it was a little suspect to tell the truth. But when they finally released a statement they said that the lead singer Alex Turner had got laryngitis. Now having had Laryngitis a few years ago on my first week of College I am aware that it isn't something that is just sprung on you, and in fact you feel it coming on in the days if not week prior. The usual symptoms are fevers, cold sweats, feeling like you have the flu etc.

Anyways, (can you tell I'm finally over the unnecessary trip home, not?) what a waste of petrol! I wouldn't have minded if they had told everyone that the gig was being cancelled at 2pm in the afternoon when people were just leaving to get there, but an hour before when the doors are open is just ridiculous! Luckily, since my mom was paying £60 for a taxi there and back for me and my little sister, we received the message just as we were getting into the taxi.

That's right when I got the message I was actually checking the postcode with my driver.

Crazy stuff.

Well that's not where I want MIMM to go, so I shall rein my tangent of a rant in and show you all the marvellous that made a frequent appearance in my weekend. Happy MIMM guys!

thehealthydiva1  First Marvelous in My Monday {yay}

After my first shift on Saturday morning, which didn't go too bad, I treated myself to a Costa coffee *unpictured* (mainly because I drank it so fast!) and a bath bomb from Lush. I ended up getting my usual and favourite coffee, which is a medium latte with a pump of caramel. I really need to branch out when it comes to coffee, I am terrible when it comes to getting in a coffee rut!


From Lush I got the Cinder bath bomb, which basically smells like Christmas in a ball of greatness.

*sorry about the chipped nail varnish*

Then on the evening we went to a firework display, since it was Bonfire/Firework here the UK. This is the holiday I prefer before Christmas since I am not a fan of Halloween #sorryi'mnotsorry. I was just living in the moment and only took a couple and very poor photos.

When we got back I had a shower to feel human again and then we made Pizza and wedges, which you may have seen on my instagram. It was delicious and so good we had leftovers the next day. Along side the pizza I enjoy a glass or two of red wine, which was such a nice treat after a stressful week.

Of course this is how my Sunday began, and I had to have a dollop of Nutella. But now looking at it, it looks huge?! Hmm..I guess my excuse is it's been a long week?

My Sunday consisted of tidying the house starting with my bedroom and then doing some team work to get the rest of the house and shared rooms in tiptop shape. This basically took all day and I also caught up on the Rugby and some other shows. Then on the night I had a bath using my bomb. It smelt good, but not strong enough for my liking.

It turned my bath YELLOW. At one point I was worried it was going to stain! And it did ever so slightly...whoops.

And then I ended the weekend like all weekends should be ended; watching episode 4 of Masters of Sex (not as bad as it sounds, promise haha) and eating a slice of New York Cheese, whilst sipping on a glass of red. Oh and also using a face mask, and doing my nails.

And now I am ready to tackle another week.

Have you ever tried anything from Lush? If so what?

What's your favourite Pizza topping?

Katie thank you for being a great hostess as always :-D

xoThanks for Readingxo


  1. A glass or two of wine - psh girl had I been in your shoes with the whole band situation I'd need the whole bottle. Ha Ha just kidding :) Glad your weekend ended better than it started!

    Happy Monday

    1. There's a glass left in the bottle...if that haha :D Happy Monday Jessie!