Sunday, 19 May 2013

Now What?

Now that I have officially finished my second year I have time. And it's solely up to me on how I choose to spend that time. I am someone who is a big fan of timetables and schedules. Schedules were made for me! I am a big fan and without them lethargy just sets in.

So to keep lethargy at bay I have decided to once a week (maybe Saturday or Sunday), to make a general plan of my week. This will include a general outline of all the things I want to work on over Summer.

And they go as follows:

1. Exercise.

Exercise is something I want to focus on over summer. I want to improve my fitness and set mini goals to hit and achieve every week. I have realised from previous attempts in the past, that I am someone who thrives off mini goals set frequently, rather than a goal set to be achieved three months from now.

2. Cooking and Baking.

Savoury and Sweet. Over Summer I want to try making new things, and with all the free time I'm using it as a    good chance to experiment : D So there will definitely be posts focused on the recipes I try out each week.

3. Dissertation.

Over Summer I wont be completely doing no work as I am going to start getting research done for my dissertation ready for the next Uni year. Every week I hope to allocate a couple hours to it (not including re-reading certain books I need).

4. Researching Internships and looking into Jobs for next year.

5. Finding casual work to do over Summer.

At the moment this is the general outline of things I want to focus my time on! I'm sure if I think of any more they will get added to the list.

So here's my plan for next week:

Monday: Do Three Times + Yoga Zone.

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Tuesday: Beginner Workout x3.

So this is a beginner workout. If its starts getting easy add 5 or 10.

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels Six Week Abs (Level 1) + Yoga Zone.

Thursday: Get Healthy Week 1.

Get Healthy 7 days at a time, create new habits, healthy eating and super beginner workout routine #gethealthy #week1 #exercise #beginner #easy

Friday: A Jillian Michaels Dvd.

Saturday and Sunday: One Rest Day/Other Own Weights Workout.

So that's the general idea of my plan for the week. Short workouts I can fit around all the socialising : D

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