Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lethargy, Food Diaries and Final Year

I've decided to give a photo food diary another go. I did it yesterday (Saturday), but then I thought about it and how am I going to comment on the food eaten? I am super terrible at keeping a food diary anyways and photographing my food is the easiest way.

So now I am in a predicament...

Does anybody else keep a food diary? Comment below how because I am really trying to keep this up, but it's so time consuming!

Anyways, here were yesterdays eats. Not the best they good be, but lately I have just felt so lethargic and especially on the days were I need to get a lot of reading done. I will read for a couple of hours and then break, either with a beverage or I take a YouTube break and catch up on the videos in my Watch Later list. I'm aware that I seriously need to start taking walks during these breaks and getting outside in the fresh air. But for the last couple of weeks there has been a day each week, either Sat or Sun, where I don't get out and I catch up on anything that I seem to be behind with.

That will change soon when I get back into the swing of this work load.

Also I kind-of had the munchies bad. My sleeping pattern was definitely off this weekend, because I ate late and went to bed really late!

I need to stop babbling, seriously this time and show you my eats.

 It was a full-banana.

My 'new' favourite cereal. Love this stuff. But now I am out. That's why I need to go out today and pick up  a few bits!

Just to point out. There was only a third of this left.

I was having this to tired me over (about 3pm) until we went for a meal later on about 9pm, but I got my nights mixed up and it turns out we weren't meant to be going to the Helen Fielding talk at The Cheltenham Literature Festival until next week. FAIL.

Gala Apple. I ended up throwing half if this away, it was powdery and not nice and I now have 3 more to eat!

Crackers and what was unpictured was some mature cheddar. Like I said it was a snacky day!

Porridge and Nutella, which is always a classic/favourite in my book.

Nutella on Wholewheat with a mini banana. Just what I was craving at half eleven after a glass of wine and couple of beers.

I must admit at the moment, even with my lethargy and illness, I am doing well to keep up. I am attending all my classes (minus one) and I am doing all the reading and more in preparation for my classes. I'm seriously hoping that it lasts. This semester, if not year, I am finding that I've become more determined as a person and I am really fighting for my future. This includes taking the best steps in that direction, and as always healthy living is a big part of that - even though I feel that of late my healthy living hasn't took top priority. But in my mind I am like 'how could it'. I leave the safety of academics a few months time and I want to find a way of earning a living, one that covers bills and so that's been my top priority as of late (everything that will go towards the end product of my Final Year).

But I do find myself starting to wonder what the scale says and also wanting to start exercising more again and make time to exercise. I did take a step to doing this by joining an all Ladies gym on Friday with my best friend. We signed up for a week, but after that I plan to try out swimming again and hopefully I will have brought my exercise videos back with me by that point. I thought I'll pay for a month (student budget), and then after that swimming! So I am still trying to attain a healthy lifestyle, even if it's not my top priority.

Admittedly, I do need to start eating better than I am. Mainly portion control and going for walks.

Anybody else on a new exercise adventure recently?

Food Diaries?

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  1. I have tried so hard to keep a food diary but I just lose discouragement. And right now my food is basically the same so it doesn't really matter. Haha.

    I think there are some great apps out there for food diaries. Specifically, non calorie counting ones. Do you have an iphone? I don't but I know Flakes and Cake mentioned a great app that was good for things like a food diary, keeping track of your sleep, etc. It sounded pretty cool.

    You are doing so great and I'm amazed at how you make it to class everyday when not feeling well. There were times for me last semester where I genuinely feared going to class because of what was happening in my stomach. As in- will I have time to make it to the bathroom? Not something I ever want to experience again. Now I'm not much better and some days I just don't want to go to class either with out I'm feeling. Just keep on trucking along. You'll get through this!

    1. Hey Madison, I know what you mean. This week has definitely tested me, and there's had to be a lot of trial and error after Monday's events especially (where I was seriously cramping up). But I am just using some tablets and taking it as I go with every meal.

      Since it's my last year I really can't afford to miss many classes unfortunately, so I am just trying my hardest to get my food right :D

      Thanks for commenting. xo