Friday, 4 October 2013

Review: Turkey Bacon?

A few weeks ago I was shopping with my mom and spotted a packet of Wall's smokey bacon on offer. After I said I wouldn't mind tasting it, my mom told me to pick up a pack. Now I am a bacon fan. Not as much as my mom and sister, but I don't think most people are to be honest with you. Those two could eat it everyday and sometimes they have, as I have witnessed over summer. At one stage I was actually fed up with bacon!

Anyways, I decided to buy a pack and give it a go and after much uncertainty I dove into the packet. The mistake I made was thinking that the flavours of the bacon would go well with my usual bacon accompaniments which was not the case! When I have bacon, I generally tend to have a British Breakfast (Beans, Eggs, Mushrooms, Tomatoes etc) or maybe with bacon or even just on a sandwich. Nope. I definitely shouldn't have just gone for it.

I must admit I got sucked in by that last one. The 2% really reeled me in!

The flavour is, hmmm... interesting. I wasn't the biggest fan of the texture or taste to be honest and because I barely eat bacon I think for the future I will just eat "real" bacon in moderation instead. But if you can't eat 'real' pork bacon for any reason, this may be a good alternative.

Next Chicken Sausages I think. Anyone else tried Turkey Bacon or Chicken Sausages?

Let me know.

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