Saturday, 26 October 2013

Technology Hates Me!

And I am back...finally. Last Friday night saw my laptop adaptor/charger finally go to the big technology grave in the sky? earth? Anyways, long story or short story I guess - even shorter is I had to buy a completely new charger both power pack and plug. £70 later and I am back up and running. It was like losing a child (ok not really but you know where I am coming from). Actually I frequently refer to my laptop as my baby, so maybe I did sort of lose part of a child?!


And once again I should move on. As much as it grieved me (apparently I can't stop making death references) to pay the £70, it was necessary and I am apparently one of those people. Those people who spend twenty-four hours on their computers. Honestly I didn't realise how much I used the thing! I had to completely say goodbye to Blogger, as it just wouldn't let me write a post at Uni due to some unknown errors.

The thing I am struggling with is where to start? How do I catch up on so many missed blog posts? I am sure I will have figured it out by the time the weekend is up.

Have a great weekend and I'll probably see speak to you tomorrow for a post!

xoThanks for Readingxo

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