Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Via The Camera Roll

I thought I'd do a 'Via the camera roll' post today. I haven't really got the time to chit-chat away. Those kind of posts will now be posted on weekends, or days off. Which today is, but I need to get on with work and other necessary life things!

Anyways here's what I found when I flicked back through my phone. I went to The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival both on Saturday and Sunday last week. I enjoyed both and even managed to get one of my books signed by Helen Fielding on Saturday. It was so nice meeting her. It's a shame I haven't gone in the past to be honest. Oh well...you live and you learn.

Roll The Camera Roll

Forgot about this snap! Check out the terribly chipped nail polish.

 These mini-bars of chocolate are good to break in half and share if you want something sweet!

Home-made Apple Crumble

New Jacket.

My Face.

Great Seats Saturday Night!

The Queue to get something signed, and that's when we'd been there fifteen minutes or more!

Wasn't happy when this came through the post the other day :-(

New Outfit Alert! Loving those Shorts especially.

Naughty-Meal on Saturday. Didn't like the sauce it came with, definitely not my cup of tea!

How was your weekend? Any Events?

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