Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm Choosing To Be Happy In My Monday

It's a whole lot harder to be marvellous in my Monday this week. I'm hoping it's just what week it is in the month ;-).

Today I plan on getting a lot done Uni work wise. Books need to be read and notes need to be made, not to mention assignments need to be started. But it is my plan today to be productive, because when I am productive I'm positive and I think being positive contributes to being marvellous.

Yesterday was basically spent waking up at a late hour (11:20 - I know!), going for a walk into town, and reading 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' for my 09:15 lec/sem tomorrow. By the way having Gilmore Girls on in the background whilst you work, although it seems like a good idea at the time - let's face it it isn't.

So without further ado here's what quotes will be keeping me going this Monday.

I need to be reminded of this right now. So true.
If anything it worsens it!

It's something that's so easy to do :-)

And today I'm choosing to enjoy, live and be happy.
This is something I've been guilty of the entire weekend. I got too caught up in me and instead of venting I internalised everything until I was ready to burst. I should have remembered a problem shared is a problem halved.

Oh and this was my face this weekend when a certain package came.

I'm a  massive Die Hard fan, love Bruce Willis. I cannot wait until the fifth installment comes out later next month. I will definitely be going to see it.

Enjoy your Monday :-) Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. I am hoping your week is great girl, keep your head up and keep those quotes in your mind!

    Die Hard is a great movie series, the first one my fave!

  2. Thanks Katie :-) Same to you. I can never get enough of Bruce Willis as John Mclane.

  3. Love your outlook on life. Hope you have a fabulous week, Chloe <3

  4. Thanks Jessie. Same to you, I hope you have a great week :-)