Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's Just Weight Right?

Lately the scale doesn't seem to be shifting. Now, logically I know why that is. I need to eat better, get my fruit and veggies in and I need to begin consistently working out again. The truth is I guess I'm scared to fail. I've been all weights and sizes, and most of them have been unhealthy. I don't eat so too low. I overeat I go back up to a healthy yet high weight for my height and I don't feel good. And that's why I'm making a good go at this blog. I want to have accountability. I want to have balance.

So at the moment the scales hovering around 149.5-150.25. I know not a big fluctuation considering what the time of the month it is. But it still gets me down and makes me disappointed with my food choices and lack of exercise choices. I mean when I am at Uni I'm walking everywhere. To class, into town to get my shopping. I don't generally stop, but I think I need to start making a better go at things.

Your beauty and worth cannot be measured - especially not by the bathroom scale!
When I found this on Pinterest this morning after I'd weighed in, it really resonated with me. Because up until I had weighed in I was doing and feeling fine. So why the change?

Speaking of exercise, when I'm working out it's fine. I'd go as far as saying I enjoy it. I enjoy the sweat and the achiness of the different muscles the day after. But for me it's consistency and the determination to get going that's difficult for me. But I think it could only be for the best to get moving and start going.

I'm excited to go. But at the moment not so excited about getting my bare legs out!
I'm going to Paris in June with my best friend and like I mentioned at the bottom of the previous post I'd like to lose 15/20 lbs before I go. But making sure I do it the healthy way, eating fresher more natural foods and exercising on a regular basis. I used to love exercising when I was younger but that's before it became an obsession to purposely walk everywhere even if people offered me a lift or to lift weights even though I'd barely eaten all day. The things that made these choices unhealthy were my mentality. The actual things I were doing would have been fine if my diet and thoughts were healthy but they weren't. And it's something that's haunted me for years.

Hopefully over the weeks leading up to Paris I can deal with some of these issues through balance of diet and exercise.

As my blog title reads I'm just a girl Searching For A Healthier Life.

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