Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lately...I'm feeling Lost

Lately, I can't shake the feeling of not knowing where I'm going. There doesn't seem to be a highlighted road or whatever you want to say. But I'm trying to watch those feelings and ignore them, trying to shake them off/away. I know nobody likes feeling this way. So to cheer myself up I go on Pinterest and get inspired by whatever I can. Whatever I can find to boost my mood I re-pin it, and save it for later to look back through whenever those rough, low days hit. Here's what's been inspiring and cheering me up today.

words to live by
It's easy to get the simple things at tough times. Here's a reminder.

Sometimes it is harder to get started than it is to continue on.
So true!
Just a little reminder for when times are tough.

I love this image and quote I pinned. I know some people (including myself) get caught up in the idea of being 'thin' or 'skinny', when what I should really be working on is being healthy. But I also know that 'healthy' means something different to every person. 
From now on I will strive to be healthy - not have unhealthy thoughts to be thin.

Failure is not falling down
I spent all of last year refusing to get back up, and I'm trying not to make that same mistake this year.

If you stumble, make it part of the dance!
Perfect doesn't exist. No matter how much you strive for it, so mistakes are all part of life. Use  them.

These quotes have brightened my day today. I hope they brighten and inspire yours!

Does anybody else get that lost/stuck in one place thing?

Any quotes you love?

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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