Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I've been eating lately?

It's really been a mixture between healthy and "naughty" so to speak. But after the holidays I would say balance is well and truly back. I'll let the pics say the rest.

Shreddies! with sultanas can't get enough of these lately.

Wraps. They look rubbish, but these baby's were damn tasty.

Quorn sausages with a two egg, mushroom and cheese omelette and of course ketchup.

Green Tea is something I'm loving again.

Grapes nice and cold from the fridge.

My bottle of red and white is now gone!

Doesn't look appetising but curry and rice weight watchers meal with a few chips and lots of broccoli  mixing the naughty with the nice.

Sugarpuffs. I used to adore these as a kid. And now I adore them as an adult.

Love these mixed seeded Ciabatta's I get from Tesco, so fresh. I had chicken slices, cheese and various salads on this baby.

Egg wrap with cheese and mushrooms. So so good. Does anybody else get cravings for cheese?

Hopefully I can work on being a little healthier this week and see a good weight loss this/next week. I would probably like to lose 15/20 lbs before Paris just to look healthier and not worry about wearing shorts say with bare legs.

It's a working progress.

Have a happy Wednesday :-)

P.S - My first WIAW so thanks for Jenn for hosting.
Hopefully there will be many more to come.


  1. Have you ever put your grapes in the freezer? They are even better :)

  2. haha I love that you mixed broccoli and chips!

  3. Yeah but I'm not a huge fan. We used to do it when we were little.

    Ha ha it's all about the balance ;)