Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Beginnings...So to Speak

I arrived back at Uni today, and I've been on my laptop just using the internet for 5 hours. Yes, 5 hours. No joke. Explanation = I've been without internet (other than my phone and that doesn't count) for 3 weeks. And it was so so hard. Although I did manage to finally complete the new J.K Rowling book I brought and began reading back in September. Hmm...still don't know what I thought. The first half of the book can be cut down in my mediocre, rookie writer opinion  (I'm studying for a degree in English Lit and Creative Writing. I'm in my second year.) I didn't really get into it until the second half of the book because the momentum was practically non-existent and there was too much explanation of characters and why they were as they were. A bit unnecessary in my opinion as reader, though my writers brain was taking over the entire read. Although at the end of the book I was getting choked up and crying about the circumstances that had arisen towards the end. Not sure if I'd read it again. Have you read it? I know I make it sound like not a good read, but each to there own right.

My eating over the holidays was not the best and my exercise was practically non-existent as I felt very lethargic. Maybe it was over-indulgence of food and alcohol and not enough movement. But now I am ready to accept the number on the scale whatever that will be come next Friday  I know next Friday I here you say? Maybe I'm not ready to confront it just yet. I want a week of cleanish eats first. I know, but it's just the way my mind thinks. But one of my goals for this year is to improve this blog, get it out there into the world if you will. But I have tonnes to say on my "goals", "resolutions" for this year. As you see I use these terms lightly, I always find less pressure on myself, for myself. Don't get me wrong I like making resolutions and goals, but because of past experiences of goal and resolution making, I am way more careful and reserved when it comes to the topic. Because if I put my mind to it I know I can achieve anything. All I need is to focus and get into it. Not quitting before I've even started like I've been doing for the past 9 months. Time to focus. I'm doing this for me, and in this new semester I want to achieve in both my academic and "personal" life, especially food and fitness. Though I am starting up driving lessons again. I want to pass and get it over with already.

Now to enjoy my night with some more internet surfing :-)

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