Monday, 21 January 2013

Random Weekend Thoughts

I'm aware it's Monday but as my schedule has changed this semester and I now get Mondays off it kind of still feels like the weekend.

I was sort of free as of Thursday evening, and I could wait to get home from my late class to the warmth and a giant glass of wine. Plus it started to snowing Thursday before I left to go to my lecture and it was truly magical. I love the snow and was annoyed we didn't get any here in England over Christmas. Anyways, so it snowed here, but the catch with snow is that I never want it to stop.

I'm back to loving Pinterest now I have more time to waste and here are some of the quotes I came across recently:

little by little, a little becomes A LOT! Agree, think of this with your diet and exercise!

Love this saying and it reminds me when I'm having a low day that the small things to count.

To change your body, you must change your mind.

Another great saying, and I definitely agree. If I'm in a good place mentally, I'm in a good place physically.

2013 Let's Do This.

No explanation needed.

J.K. Rowling

I've recently found my love for reading (just for me) has returned. Last semester it was hard to get into a good book, as I continuously had a book to read for the next class. And although that's still true I'm finding the time.

Love it! wine calories glass, but must admit I don't want to know on my own wine glasses as they are big!

Again no explanation. Once my essays were handed in Thursday I relaxed with a large class of white wine.


Something I tell myself at least once a day.


I totally get this and it definitely rang true when I handed in my essays last week. What if they aren't good enough? I could have done better. These thoughts were continuously running through my head and it's not healthy. I need to banish them. I admit the wine did help ;-).

"Sexual harassment is bad. So no one touch anyone in any funny places unless specifically asked."
An Old Show I Love!
The image above and below are two of my favourite shows that always cheer me up when I'm feeling down.

Cast of 'Girls': Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams and Lena Dunham
Next to an new show I Love!

Saying that I have noticed recently that I have a love for all shows with Girls/Girl in the title, with exceptions of course.

There's Girls, Gilmore Girls, New Girl, Two Broke Girls. I think I have an addiction! But it's nothing to worry about. I swear. It just costs me a lot in dvd's.

Anyway it's about time I got off here and got some work done.

P.S- this is my first MIMM so thanks to Katie  for hosting :-)


  1. I've always loved the " I may not be there yet, but I'm closer then i was yesterday" quote. So inspiring <3

  2. THANK YOU for joining in!! SO happy you did!!

    Oh pinterest, love it but sucks the life out of me time wise, haha!

    Happy week girl!

    1. Same. I've been looking to join for a while. I always read everyone else's posts.

      Enjoy your week :-).