Wednesday, 30 January 2013


                                              WIAW Teal

Or what I've been eating lately as it's easier and I'm forgetful. But I'm going to definitely make an effort this week - maybe to even photograph every bit of food I eat, just as an experiment. Nothing obsessive it would just be to see as I'm a curious bunny.

This morning has been one of productivity, and I got all my errands for the day out of the way. All but a few calls I need to make but they be put on hold until tomorrow when I don't have to be in Uni until late.

I even popped into Costa and treated myself to an Iced Soya Latte. Lately every time I drink warm/hot coffee I feel nauseous, so I will continue to enjoy my Iced Coffees.

Evidence: Forgot to take the photo before I'd drank it.

We (me and my best friend) usually make pancakes on Sunday mornings, but this week we hadn't got eggs - I know! One of us always has eggs. Anyways we got eggs Sunday afternoon so we could make pancakes Monday morning. I usually make One big American style pancake for us both, but this time I decided to go with little ones as an experiment and they were the best yet.

Even though they might not look it, these babies were tasty. I had mine with crunchy peanut butter spread on top and a nectarine on the side. Recipe from Roni.

I've been trying to vary up my breakfasts lately, as I'm struggling with stomach problems that I'm on medication for. But on Saturday I brought some Weight Watchers bagels for cheap. Believe it or not I've never tried bagels. My bro and sis have them all the time but I've never been that bothered, and to be honest the calorie content scared me. But these were a steal both in price and in calories - so I went for it.
I had this with a weight watchers meal below.

Didn't think this meal was going to be enough. But with the bagel and some half fat mature cheddar it was just right, and just what I needed.
I also had a bagel with egg for breakfast/dinner today and I'm really liking bagels. I may buy other kinds and try them with PB.

Freezing these babies was not the best idea. A nightmare to break apart again, hence the mess above.

We went to the cinema last night to see Django Unchained. It was amazing. Got to love Tarantino. The cinema was absolutely packed with only a few seats spare. And you know that atmosphere in a cinema where everyone comes together, and you are laughing at the same parts. Well it was definitely one of them nights yesterday. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves Tarantino films or those who don't. Obviously it's an 18 plus rating so blood and gore is to be expected.

Anyway, getting back on track. What I wanted to say before I decided to do a movie review was to say I knew before I got there I wanted butter sweet popcorn. And I had it. Only a small one but it was enough, actually I could have shared it.

Having a treat like this once in a while is fine, and I didn't feel as though I'd over done it. 

Have a happy Wednesday ;-)

And thanks to Jenn for hosting.


  1. Nothing wrong with treating yourself to some delicious movie theater popcorn :)

    1. Sure isn't. The Ben and Jerry's ice cream looked good also may get that next time ;-)