Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Random Post for a Random Week

This weekend has been random to say the least. I have an essay due today ( and two more the rest of the week) and so my focus and attention has gone on them. But yesterday me and the best friend did manage to bake some cookies. We stuck to our usual go to recipe for two batches and for the other we had an experiment using wholemeal flour and just adding in other self-raising ingredients. The end result left us with all edible cookies, though the wholemeal ones expanded and tasted rather bitter, something to be rectified in the future. Hopefully they are all still edible today, to take to the library with me.

Here are the pics.

The best friend getting her hands and nails messy.
P.s I was measuring and shaping the cookies this time, we switch and take it in turns.

Cookies in oven with my reflection.

Cookies just come out the oven.

Al is telling me to stop trying to eat them they need at least five minutes. time and patience is something I don't get the concept of quite clearly. We literally had to go into the living room to get away from temptation.

Well our winter has just been wet and cold here in England. But last night in my Uni town in snowed. I woke up this morning quite excited just to find it raining the little bit of snow away. I love snow. It's a part of winter I like and makes me feel cosy despite the plummeting temperatures. Here's a picture of the tiniest bit of snow on the ground outside in the back garden, getting washed away by cr**py rain.

P.S- Sorry about the quality of the photos this is my phone, but I'm saving up for a dslr for my trip to France this summer.

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