Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Weighty Subject

So, this week I am down 4.25 lbs. Granted most of it was probably water weight from that time of the month, but this week I feel as though I have hit a turning point. Though this point is small it opens up doors I thought had been closed off. I haven't been this weight since the beginning of last summer. Since then I've hovered in the early 150's, which I wasn't always happy with to say the least.

I feel like I am getting my life back which is sad but true, and my weight's a big part of that. If I'm happy or maybe a better word would be content (with life). I'm lighter both mentally and physically and it's just part of a much bigger package.

This week as you can see from my posts I'm beginning to get back into the swing of things when it comes to working out. Day 1 was definitely the hardest, but as I get that mental strength back the physical strength is just there regardless. I want to keep it going and I am just 1.5 lbs away from this months goal, so hopefully I can make that and then surpass it.

One of my goals for this month was to start tracking again on LiveStrong.Last year it was my most valuable tool, but after a while it also became boring and monotonous and so I ended up giving it up. But as soon as I tracked the first couple of days I realised where I was going wrong and it so I was able to resolve these little issues without much of a problem.

It's all about learning what works for me again and retraining my mind and body to remember these good/healthy habits I'm acquiring again.

These are the things keeping me going this week:
Dream a little bigger!
Love this film, but it's also a great saying.
Need this top! And it is always a good reminder why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Something to think about...
We all have those bad days but it's a nice reminder that although you're having a bad day, it doesn't mean it's a bad  life.

I should say this to myself every morning!
So true! Sometimes I forget that and get caught up in society's thoughts and images etc.

I will be a beast.
Need to remember this when I'm lifting weights. To push through because I want to be a BEAST.
I need to remember this. It's life to eat and indulge in both good and bad things. But you need to let the good outweigh the bad. Though the bad doesn't ruin all the good, as long as the bad is consumed in moderation.

I need to remember this when certain peoples comments or actions get to me.

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