Monday, 18 February 2013

New Week ... No Funk

Last week I've been in a pretty cra**y mood to say the least. People annoy me, Shows annoy me, Books annoy me. The only thing I've been happy with is classes (weird ay?). And I swear I am getting ill. Fever, nauseous,  the works. Anyways, no dwelling it's a new week and a new chance.

Today's going to be used to get better and relax, although I have a driving lesson at half one but that's all I have scheduled. I am hoping for it to be a good one. It's my third one and I am glad I made the decision to begin driving again.

This weekend was really low key and lazy if I am being honest. Friday we went into town and that was exhausting because of all the kids were off for half term. Thank god they are back this week (I hope). Saturday was busy as we made a trip into town again, got the entire house cleaned and I managed to get a workout in before the busyness began.

This weekend before getting sick, I was enjoying the wine my best friend brought back from her parents when she went home the other week. Both bottles of rose and white are now gone. What can I say we like to drink ;D

What do you prefer; Rose, White or Red?

I have to say over the last year I have decided I really like red, but my mom and friends don't. So, if I buy a bottle I have to drink the entire thing myself. Which though I am sure I could do :D I guess it's just nice to share a bottle with someone over a chat or a film.

.Red wine

Chilled White Wine?

I feel like lately there is always some Uni work that needs doing, not to mention I found out that we need to already be thinking about our dissertation question and possibly have chosen it by Easter. So, needless to say I'm getting slightly stressed about that! I'm sure it will all come together in the end, and I am having a chat with my head tutor this Wednesday to ask the questions that have been bothering me.

The sun has actually been shining every morning over here for the past few days which is lovely to open the curtains too. Unfortunately it still feels freezing and I need to layer up, but it makes me dream of summer. I know we still need to go through spring first, but I can't wait to feel that first bit of heat on my face. Hopefully, I wont have to wait long! But heres to dreaming right?

Quotes off Pinterest keeping me going this week:


Motivational Fitness Quotes

I need to read this every day

Motivational Fitness Quotes

And there we have it. I hope this week to make better choices about my food and exercise. I hope to stay on top of all my work. And finally I hope to be in a better mood whilst I am doing all of this :D

Have a great Monday!


  1. I hope your mood gets better too girl! Just remember, tackle one day at a time, focus on positive, and just breathe!

    Happy monday!

  2. Thanks, Katie. I'm just going through a bad patch, but hopefully I come through the other side stronger.

    Enjoy your week :D