Monday, 11 February 2013

Embracing My Marvelous Monday

Thanks to Katie for hosting. Can't wait to find out the gender of her baby :D

Today's post is going to be a random mixture of things. So here goes.

I keep pinning things on Pinterest to get inspiration for Clothing, Footwear, Jewellery, Beauty and Hair Ideas. There's so much I want and want to do.

First off Beauty. There's so much I want to try and experiment with.

  1. Lately I've been trying out different styles of eye-liner on my top lid, and I got really inspired by this pic I pinned.
How to: Liquid Liner
So many different styles to try.

     2. I really love experimenting when it comes to nails. And I really want to try this matte top coat.

I need need need this top coat!
Need this!

     3. Last year I finally got into wearing bright red lips and I loved it. Usually I am a gloss girl (since my pre-teens), but I really wanted to try it, so Halloween I tried it and I NEED more.

Photo by airahmorena08
I'd love to try them all.

Second we have Jewellery. I LOVE jewellery, especially bracelets and rings.

  1. Not normally a big necklace fan, but these look cute.
Need and Want.

    2. I love this. A Ring and Bracelet all in one.

Silver Lining Hand Piece by d.ann

      3. I love the idea of these. Fingerprint rings and necklaces sounds so original and unique, and looks so simple and classy. Definitely need these, but how do they make them. Obviously, I know how they are made but if these things are made on sites like Etsy. Anyways it's both a want and a need.

Gold Triple Fingerprint NecklaceFingerprint Ring  Jook and Nona

     4. Branch Bracelet. Another great idea.

branch bangle.

Thirdly it is Hair. Usually when it comes to my hair I am very lazy indeed. But I have kinda been making an effort lately. But here are some styles I would like to try.

  1. This one is like a half up-do half down-do.

     2.This one is a low, full bodied up-do. Very summery I be thinking.

Love this low updo

     3. My mom who is very youthful for her age, as short spiky hair and she does this all the time. Need to try this this summer.
summer hair

Next we are moving on to footwear. Now as I mentioned in a previous post I am a flats girl all the way. I LOVE my flats. But I love the look of high heels, but like every girl I hate the pain of high heels, especially the morning after the night before.

  1. Now I love converse. I own many pairs, as they are both comfy, affordable and go with everything. But these I need and want to add to the collection.

     2. Dr. Martens. I need these in my life. But they are pricey.

Dr. Martens Avery Velvet 10-Eye Boot  #UrbanOutfitters
I need these in every style and colour.

      3. Love these heels but loving and walking are entirely different things.

Love the vintage feel.
Pastels and Florals.

       4. These I'm tempted to find. One, wedges are always easier to walk in but two, I'd prefer them in black.

So cute!
Better in Brown or Black?

      5. Wedges I love and want!

  love these wedges!Tory Burch:)


     6. I like the idea of loafers in the spring/summertime. What do you think?

Gap Loafers
Maybe not these exact ones. Once again I'm not sold on the brown.

Finally for the clothes!

  1. So those of you who have watched Pitch Perfect will get this first one.
Pitch perfect

     2. I've been trying to not Pin gimmicky stuff, but here's another. I'm a huge Batman Fan so this ranks highly.

"I'm not saying I'm Batman. I'm just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in a room together." T-Shirt. THIS IS AWESOME.

        3. I saw this outfit of Pinterest and fell in love.
hey there, glittered shorts

         4. Here's a bunch of dresses I've pinned.

///Chantilly maxi dress i love this!!emerald beauty by elie saab  HM dress!

These are the items I am loving on Pinterest lately. Damn that black hole of a website, but you gotta love it all at the same time. I get some really great ideas from it. As you have noticed there are more of the Shoe pins than any other. I'm definitely a shoe girl. Bout you?

I am hoping to have a happy day and begin my Monday with a smile. Hopefully this will start my week of with an explosion of happiness or whatever. 

Today is one of my days off from actual classes. So what will I be doing I here you ask? Well I will be working and getting as much reading done as I can and set up my week with productivity, hoping to keep it up throughout the rest of the week. Boring but safer for my brain, especially when the end of semester approaches and I freak a little.

I hope this week beats last week in many ways. Last week was an ok sort-of-a week, but I want this week to smash it in all the ways it possibly can.

So have a happy Monday and enjoy your week :D



  1. I love a post full of random fun!

    The pink nail color is hot, I love having my nails pink! Wonder what color that is?!

    Happy week love!

    1. I'm not sure, but it looks like a good spring/summer colour to have in the collection.

      Enjoy your week too :D

  2. I'm not a fan of jewelry either but love the color of those necklaces.

    Also totally want to try scarf headbands this summer too.

    1. I like rings and bracelets, but I never buy necklaces for myself as I don't really where them. Except for the one my lil brother brought me for Christmas.

      I want to try the scarves. I just hope they suit me :D