Friday, 15 February 2013

Weigh-In Update

This week has been rough emotionally to say the least. I got caught up in low moods and feeling sorry for myself. Well it's a new week and I get a new chance to try it all over again.

My Weight this week stabilised at 148.5, so no change from last week. I am glad I maintained and didn't gain after the amount of Nutella I consumed this week, not to mention double pancakes. 

I've also only worked out this week once, which seems like a waste as I'm still on Paris countdown. But I guess I should just use it as a lesson not a week wasted. This week I want to make up for it. I know I'm capable it's just getting around to doing it. I need a plan for my week starting today.

So, this is what I've come up with! To be changed according to my work and Uni schedule.

Sat 16/02 - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
               - 10 Minutes Strength Arms, Back and Shoulders (Before dvd).

Sun 17/02 - Run outside w/ My Best Friend.

Mon 18/02 - Jillian Michaels DvD (To be decided)
                  - Check out swimming at our local lesiure centre.

Tues 19/02 - 10 Minutes Strength Arms, Back, Shoulders.
                   - 10 Minutes Strength Legs, Butt, Calfs.
                   - 5 Minutes Abs Strength.

Weds 20/02 - Jillian Michaels DvD (To be decided).

Thurs 21/02 - Repeat Tuesday (Similar)
                    - Yoga.

It's just a template, but it is more likely to get done if I ink it in so to speak. Lately I've been so tired in general that I've had no motivation to anything but Uni work and vegetate. This is weird to say my sleeping pattern is just getting good again, not too much and not too little. Hope I have just jinxed it (cus you know I'm 5 and still believe in jinxes).

My goal for this week is to lose 1.5 lbs that would mean I would have already made my goal for February. Anyways, I am hoping to have a productive and relaxed weekend.

Enjoy your weekend :D I know I will!

P.S - I think I'm finally coming out of my funk. Thank you know what xoxo

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