Sunday, 3 February 2013

I'm So Sore...

My legs are oh so sore. Getting up and down my steps is quite painful. Yesterday I did a small home-made workout to test what kind of shape I'm in. The answer not great. Hopefully over the next few months that will improve. But right now I'm not going to lie, I am kind of loving the soreness of my legs. I used to love it the morning after double P.E at school when everything was achy and painful.

Anyways, my plan is to do something every day - even if it's just stretches or yoga. Getting active again is my goal, and I am working up to it with each day I lift weights, go for a walk or do a fitness dvd. Now I am one to admit as soon as I put on weight I don't want to exercise. I know it's weird. But I just don't like working out once my weight is up. When I'm in the low 140's I feel fine to exercise, but these extra few pounds feel more like fifty. It's definitely a mental/physical battle I have with myself. And I'm definitely putting my best foot forward and trying to get over that hump.

Moving on. This morning I did a Jillian Michael's dvd, 30 Day Shred - workout 1. I got through it ok I guess. It's all about the journey right?



It says I was only in zone for 12.47 minutes but that's just because my heart rate kept going past 180.

One of my goals  for this month is to TRACK. It was definitely a key element to my success last year. 2 days down so far another 25 days to track February. And it has definitely made me well aware where I am going wrong. I've been eating a few hundred too many calories consistently, too much sugar consumption which is the only thing I'm focusing on for now. Carbs, Fat and Protein will follow.

Do you guys track your food consumption or exercise calories you've burned? 
On a particular site or just jotted down in a book? 

Let me know. Enjoy your Sunday :D

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