Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What am I currently eating?

That is a good question. Lately I'm just going with what I fancy. I fancy it I eat it. There's a mixture of snacks and meals I've remembered to take photos of this week.

Over the last couple of months I have had trouble with my stomach, and so I'm now on medication again. So instead of big meals I've tried to have loads of small meals instead.


Thanks to Jenn for hosting.
Now I know this month is Veggie Month for WIAW, so that's something I'm going to try and squeeze in to my meals this month - as I can be guilty of not eating my veggies. Fruit and salad I do fine with, but veggies not so much. So this is going to be a great challenge for me personally.

Peas and Crayons
Flumps (Marshmallows) and Blueberry Liquorice. To eat when I'm studying.
Blueberry Liquorice.
I had a voucher for a £1.00 off in Holland and Barretts that I needed to use. So I decided on flavoured liquorice. Raspberry and Blueberry are my favourite flavours in liquorice. And sooo Addictive.

Wheat and  White wraps w/ Tikka Chicken and mayo and mint with Salad.

This wrap was so yummy. Unfortunately I'm now out of chicken. I used to make my own spicy chicken, adding my own herbs and spices etc onto plain chicken. But lately I'm really busy and so grabbing this out of the freezer is ideal.

Sea Salted Rice Crackers w/ Crunchy PB.
I've been enjoying these as an evening snack, as I have been wanting something sweet but nothing too heavy on the stomach.

Me and my best friend made pancakes for breakfast on our day off last week. I made small wholewheat pancakes again.

Check out the tiny pancakes.
I had mine with more PB.

Cheesy Mash and baked beans with loads of black pepper.
Last week was my week of that time of the month and so I ate this for comfort. Unfortunately I had no bacon or sausage in the fridge to put with it :-(

Sugar Puffs with Soya milk and Almonds. 
I been trying to get protein in with my breakfast some way. Friday I added almonds to my cereal.

Carry Cup.
This carry cup is so handed. I've been making sure I'm hydrated lately, and so I put all kinds of tea in this to take to class, especially in the mornings where it's tough to stay alert. I've been particularly loving Green Tea.

Now ever since my unfortunate incident last year where I couldn't eat cheese much, if at all, I haven't really eaten Pizza. I know it used to be a favourite of mine. Well for some crazy reason last Friday whilst shopping I had a craving for Pizza. So I brought a Margherita Pizza and added my own peppers and Salad.

Another evening snack. Rice Cracker w/ PB and Pears. I've been adoring pears lately again.

I brought these Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits to try on Saturday, to have as my breakfast on the go or as a snack. They are proving very handy and I'm enjoying them in all kinds of ways. Dipped in tea, Greek yoghurt topping and broken up on banana and yoghurt.

Oats w/ Soya milk, Almonds and Sultanas.
Like I've said I'm trying to change up my breakfasts lately as I've been getting bored quick. I really enjoyed them, but I'm sadly now out of oats, as I use them in my pancakes also.

Homemade Chilli. 
On Saturday I made a big batch of Chilli using a number of ingredients. I made enough for 4/5 servings depending on the size. I also remembered that when I was little my mom used to add baked beans into her chilli. Does anyone else do this? Well I tried it and it was yummy, it added to the texture and the creaminess on the dish.

I froze most of it to eat when I'm out of fresh food.

Weight Watchers Bagels w/ 2 Boiled eggs.
Another breakfast option I ate this week. So tasty. Definitely can see more bagels in my future.

Mixed Seeded Ciabatta, Lettuce, Red Onion, Light Mature Cheese w/ Ketchup and E.Light Mayo. 

This was last nights evening meal.I was so hungry when I got in from having lectures, seminars and workshops all day I was ready to crash and more importantly eat. So I made this, it was so quick and so delicious. Just what I needed.

Well that's it for this week. Have a happy Wednesday, and I'll enjoy ready everybody else's posts!


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